Scalp Robot – „Profit Factor Beast

This EA is designed to operate as a fully automated scalping strategy and targets a steady profit factor of 3 or more. It makes high winning percentage entries and tries to minimize market exposure on the basis that the longer a position is open the higher the swap cost and the higher the risk of a „black swan“ events blows up your account.

Scalprobot uses a sophisticated algorithm that calculates the entry level and only does this in retracing markets. So even if you see a spike there is no need to worry! For example, after a big news event this EA will not make any entries and therefore you bypass the risk of building up large positions against the trend. This is a factor which many EA’s simply do not anticipate so these accounts incur hard hits as a result or even the risk of completely blowing up

Manual trading

We developed this EA with a traders focus in mind. Intervene at any time you like. In case you prefer to take a profit or loss manually, you will not disrupt the EA in any way which can often be the case with EA’s.


Some pairs have extremely high swap costs. To prevent paying high swap charges you can alter the EA settings so it only enters the market in positive swap territory. This means that the EA will only take on positions where the swap points are in your favour thus eliminating the swap charges.


We back tested this strategy under the following tick data circumstances:

  • Real tick data
  • Variable spreads
  • Slippage enabled
  • 10 year period

Please note that any back test not based on 99.9% tick data is useless.

This robot comes with the following features and is fully customizable. Users can opt for set files based on 10 year backtesting.


  • Stop loss settings
  • Take profit settings
  • Scalp mode
  • Long / short settings
  • Lot size
  • Accumulated profit taking
  • Multiple time frames
  • Multiple pairs
  • Set files

Live performance

Below you will find the live track records of the ScalpRobot with different settings (defensive – aggressive)